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Phone: (301) 333-6200 Ons- repeats- violent ad stage 3- have ___ which severely impairs memory- may groan, grunt, or scream, but can't ___ - does not ___ self or family- cannot swallow which leads to ___ and ___ risks and also ___- can't sit or walk and becomes ___- if they fall into a ___ death typically ensues - seizures- communicate- recognize- choking and aspiration , weight loss- bed bound- coma common behaviors with ad- ___ : not oriented to person, place or time- ___ : confusion, insecurity, or agitation- ___ : see, hear, or feel things that aren't there- ___ : false beliefs- ___ : extreme responses- ___ and ___ : hunger, lack of sleep, pain- ___ and ___ : too much stimulation- ___ : communication problems- ___ : loss of impulse control- ___ : motions and statements - wondering- sundowning- hallucinations- delusions- catastrophic reactions- agitation and restlessness- aggression and combativeness- screaming- abnormal sexual behavior- repetitive behavior - ___ in the elderly may result from a lifelong psychological pattern, an organic disorder, or adverse reaction to multiple medications- ___ may occur as a self protective response to confusion, fear, or sensory loss- ___ is a tool used to keep patients engaged when trying to manage agitation - violent behavior- aggressive behavior- distraction paranoia- can be caused by ___ as well as psychological disorders such as ___- the patient may feel that others are ___- it is important to develop ___, be consistant and reliable - dementia , schizophrenia- out to get them- trust wondering- is common in patinets with ___ disorders- patients should have an id on wrist, make sure to ___- the na must ensure a ___ - cognitive- check patient often- safe environment eating problems- often associated with ___, feeding problems, lack of appetite, refusal to open mouth, refusal to swallow, or choking when swallowing- always ___ the behavior and note what the patient is ___ - dementia- report , eating person with dementia may do the same thing over and over again repetition person with dementia may go through drawers or closets searching for an iten that they are never able to find rummaging depression- feelings of ___, ___, or ___ in the elderly are often overlooked and go untreated- is often mistaken for ___ or ___- if undiagnosed or untreated it is a major contributor to ___ and ___ in the elderly- risk factors are associated with ___ - sadness, despair, discouragement- delirium or dementia- alcoholism and suicide- multiple losses intentional infliction of physical or emotional discomfort or deprivation of basic needs necessary for comfort and survival in the elderly elderly abuse elder abuse- you have a ___ to report elder abuse- 5 types of elder abuse - legal obligation- physical, sexua. generic viagra 10mg online buying viagra online without prescription buy viagra from canada natural viagra men women viagra for sale cheap cheap genuine viagra online buy viagra in the united states order cheap viagra at the best prices real viagra pills can children use viagra does viagra on women buy viagra jelly online uk buy viagra in norway buy viagra usa online Can you buy viagra over the counter in las vegas viagra non prescription Viagra online next day delivery cheap pills viagra cheap genuine viagra online cheap generic viagra Toll Free: (800) 324-6340 Email:
Crane Service can supply all of your crane rental and rigging needs. Call us for a complete and free estimate.
  • Hydraulic Cranes 23 to 550 Tons
  • Conventional Cranes 85 to 220 Tons
  • Hydraulic RT Cranes 35 to 60 Tons
  • Heavy Hauling / Equipment Delivery
  • Complete Rigging Services
  • Inside and Outside Storage Available
  • Public Space Permits and Traffic Control Services
  • Serving Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland

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